Panorama Nativity with Gold Frankincense & Myrrh - Three King's Gifts

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The tradition of giving gifts on Christmas Day goes back to the gifts of gold Frankincense and myrrh brought by the Three Kings or Wise Men.  What better way to celebrate to birth of Jesus than having those same three gifts displayed in your home!

This panorama Nativity features the gifts of the Three Kings - actual gold, Frankincense and myrrh - displayed at the feet of the Holy Family. This one piece Nativity featuring the shepherds in the fields being visited by the angels on the back side, measures approximately 12 inches wide, 7.5 inches high and 7 inches deep.
Nativity comes with a certificate of Authenticity for the gold, frankincense and myrrh as well as a display card with the names of the kings and the gift that they brought to the Christ child. It also explains where the frankincense and myrrh in your set came from.