The Illustrated Parables of Jesus For Children Padded Cover Book - Looks like a Comic Book!

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"The Illustrated Parables of Jesus for Children by Jean-Francois Kieffer & Christine Ponsard. The book with padded cover looks like a comic book with great full color graphics. Book is for age 4 and up.

Padded Hardcover

Selected parables from the Gospels are told in a youthful yet tasteful comic-book style. The simple words and beautiful, brightly colored illustrations will captivate children whether they read the book on their own or with their family.

The book includes a brief introduction to the parables. And each parable is told by Jesus, who is shown telling the tale to his disciples or the crowd as recorded in the Gospels. The Good Samaritan, The Prodigal Son, The Unforgiving Servant, and many more stories are faithfully gathered here to instruct and inspire children ages 4 and up.