Tiny Saints - St. Ignatius of Loyola - Patron of Retreats, Jesuits, Military

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This cute charm comes from the Tiny Saints Collection. Kids and adults love them! Hang them from your key chain or backpack.

Perfect stocking stuffer, Easter Basket addition, or for a Confirmation Candidate who has taken the name of this saint as their Confirmation name. Also makes a great gift for anyone named after this saint!

Enjoying the life among royals as an apprentice in Spain, Ignatius eventually went to war seeking more glory and fame. A serious cannonball injury left him recuperating in a hospital. During recovery, Ignatius read a book about the life of Christ and a book on the saints. This changed him forever. Eventually, his faith experiences inspired the famous Spiritual Exercises and even a new religious order called The Society of Jesus, or Jesuits. The Jesuit call is to be “contemplatives in action.”

Patron saint of:
  • Jesuits
  • military
  • retreats
  • spiritual exercises