Tiny Saints - St. Lawrence - Patron of Chefs, Bakers, Comedians, Cooks, Grillmasters

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This cute charm comes from the Tiny Saints Collection. Kids and adults love them! Hang them from your key chain or backpack.

Perfect stocking stuffer, Easter Basket addition, or for a Confirmation Candidate who has taken the name of this saint as their Confirmation name. Also makes a great gift for anyone named after this saint!

Lawrence, a deacon in Rome during the third century, was asked to present the Church’s treasures for confiscation by Roman authorities. With quick wit, Lawrence abided by bringing forth the Church’s beloved poor and misfortunate (the true treasures of the Church). For his contemptuousness, Lawrence was tied to a grill and burned. Perhaps as a nod to the saint’s unceremonious style, the nature of Lawrence’s death has made him the patron saint of cooks, bakers, chefs and grillmasters.

(There's an old tale that while being burned alive, Lawrence said, "Turn me over, I'm done on this side." It's probably not true, but that story is the reason he is also the patron saint of comedians!)

Patron saint of:
  • bakers
  • chefs
  • comedians
  • cooks
  • grillmasters
  • the poor