Tiny Saints - Venerable Cornelia Connelly - Patron of Mothers, Teachers & Married Women

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This cute charm comes from the Tiny Saints Collection. Kids and adults love them! Hang them from your key chain or backpack.

Perfect stocking stuffer, Easter Basket addition, or for a Confirmation Candidate who has taken the name of this saint as their Confirmation name. Also makes a great gift for anyone named after this saint!

In the 19th century, Cornelia Connelly, married with five children and an American convert to Catholicism, founded the Society of the Holy Child Jesus in England. Cornelia was committed to living out and sharing the message of God's Incarnation: that through Christ's humanity, every person is worthy of respect and reverence. She devoted her life to educating children and exhorted Holy Child educators to carry this spirit to students of diverse backgrounds. Since 1846, Holy Child educators have helped students "to grow strong in faith" and  'live fully human lives'" in schools across the globe.
Patron saint of:
  • education
  • married women
  • mothers
  • students
  • teachers